The Coconut Connection

Recently, I had a blast spending part of my Sunday with Jade Fox and G Supreme of The Coconut Connection podcast. I have known G for a few years now, and meeting Jade for the first time was truly an honor. We talked about my research on colorism, understanding current race relations, and what are some strategies we can employ to start these difficult conversations with our families and friends. I’m on two different episodes. The links below connect you to Spotify. However, you can catch The Coconut Connection podcast on other platforms here.

While listening to Part I, The Huz had a few questions that he kindly requested I clarify. Here it goes… In our conversation, G and I talk about a film called Mano Po. The original film was released in 2002, but there are eight films in the series. In the episode, I described it as the Filipino version of Rocky. Upon more reflection, it’s really more like The Godfather (without the mob stuff) in that Mano Po focuses on family legacies. Specifically, the film centers on a Chinese-Filipino family. Yes, it was this film that forced me to think about the role of the Chinese community in the Philippines, and how their presence informs colorism within the FIlipinx community. In our conversation, I used the term Chinoy/Chinay (also referred to as Tsinoy/Tsinay). This simply refers to someone who is mixed Chinese-Filipino.

These were the only two points that The Huz had questions about. If there are any questions or points of clarification needed for either episode, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can leave a comment or email me directly at:

Maraming Salamat,
Joanne L. Rondilla, Ph.D.
San Mateo, CA

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